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Wish you could see one of the previous presentations again?  Want to share the information from the presentation with someone else?  No worries, we thought about that already for you.  Below is a list of the presentations from our meetings with the latest at the top going back in time.  Stop by regularly and see what the latest topic of interest is all about.

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Date Shown

Send an Amateur Radio Balloon around the World, Bill Brown WB8ELK

Learn how to send a balloon carrying amateur radio around the world from Bill Brown, WB8ELK. Focus on how to receive balloon signals via APRS and WSPR modes and how to track them online. Bill shares practical advice on trackers as well as balloons that you can use for best success. With question and answer period.

January 2022

Peter Parker VK3YE - Fun with HF QRP pedestrian mobile - with Questions and Answers

Have great contacts, work DX and make the other station's day. A look at two antennas for HF pedestrian mobile and the results possible. - with Questions and Answers

November 2021

John Ackermann N8UR - Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? — Atomic Time and Frequency Standards - with Q&A

Today's newest atomic clocks are so accurate that they gain or lose a second every 15 billion years. This presentation will describe how atomic clocks provide incredibly precise standards of time and frequency and how they impact our daily lives. - with Questions and Answers

October 2021

Understanding HF Propagation

This video by the RSGB's Propagation Studies Committee (PSC) looks at sunspots, ionospheric layers, critical frequencies, solar flares and much more.

September 2021

Tom Perera W1TP - The History and Current Values of Telegraph Keys

This talk will trace the evolution of telegraph keys and telegraph key designs from the earliest pre-Civil War keys to the present and provide up-to-date information about their current values. - with Questions and Answers.

August 2021

Software Defined Radio - expanding the capabilities of Ham Radio!, Steve Brightman KI5ENW

Affordable, high-performance SDRs offer more capabilities than ever: SW broadcast and amateur bands, digital decoding, weather satellite imaging, SSTV, diversity tuning, panadapters and more are all within easy reach.

Learn all about it at this seminar by Steve Brightman, KI5ENW.

July 2021

Sporadic E Propagation

Sporadic E propagation is a result of highly ionized patches or “clouds” that occasionally form in the E region of the ionosphere at altitudes between approximately 80 and 150 kilometres.

Communication distances of 800–2000 km can occur using a single Es cloud. This variability in distance depends on a number of factors, including cloud height and density. MUF also varies widely, but most commonly falls in the 25 – 150 MHz range which includes the amateur radio 2-meter, 6-meter, and even the 10-meter bands. Strong events have allowed propagation at frequencies as high as 250 MHz.


June 2021

Getting Started with Amateur Radio Sattellites, Tom Scheussler, N5HYP


May 2021

One Megawatt of Peak AM Power - Saving the Voice of America Delano Relay DL-8

In 2007, the Voice of America ceased operations at the Delano Relay site in Central California.  The site is destined to be bulldozed along with several relics of Collins Radio Company's Broadcast Communications Division.  The Collins Collectors Association, with assistance from the Antique Wireless Association, hatched a plan to retrieve one of the Collins 821A-1 250 KW Shortwave Transmitters from the site and place it on display for all to see.  This presentation gives some history of VoA and the Delano site and follows the disassembly and relocation of Delano Relay DL-8.

April 2021

An overview of Parks on the Air - Matt Heere N3NWV

Session will cover the POTA program:

-What it is

-What participating involves

-How to become a participant

-Tips and Tricks for the Activator role

March 2021

Grounding and Bonding - Ward Silver N0AX

"This presentation gives an overview of grounding and bonding in the ham station. The presentation will cover AC safety, lightning protection, and RF management with an emphasis on HF."

February 2021

Mountain Goats and Shack Sloths & Marconi and me A QRP adventure in Italy- Don Minkoff NK6A

Mountain Goats and Shack Sloths plus my QRP Adventure in Italy with a tour of the Marconi Museum: A brief introduction to Summits on the Air (SOTA), finding a local summit in your area and a tour of the Marconi Museum during my QRP trip to Italy.

January 2021

ARKnet Wireless Emergency Intranet - QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo 2020

ARKnet is the first step toward building a Wireless Emergency Intranet for the City of Cupertino that will support our emergency responders with a high-speed data network. This multi-site network uses a 5.8GHz ISM backbone and includes off-grid solar sites throughout the city. This forum will provide an overview of the system including design considerations, initial deployment of the primary sector and client sites, and operational analysis of the system functionality.

November 2020

Salt Water Effect Fact Or Fiction for Ham Radio Operators

Greg N4KGL has taken advantage of the so-called saltwater effect for vertical antennas while operating QRP portable right on the shoreline around his home area in Northwest Florida. His presentation will discuss an attempt to quantify the saltwater effect using the Weak Signal Propagation Reporter WSPR beacons. The initial data shows the advantage of operating on the saltwater shore. Greg uses a Microsoft Access database to provide data analysis. Greg is looking for collaborators to continue his experiments and make them more rigorous. This talk was prepared for the QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo and played on August 9th, 2020.

October 2020

Everything you need to know about Lithium Batteries- Marcel Stieber AI6MS

Batteries are a necessity for almost all portable radio operations. With the advent of modern battery chemistries, the choices available to the radio amateur are plentiful. This presentation will focus on the three common battery types: Lead-Acid (SLA/AGM), Lithium (Lion/Lipo), and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP/LiFePO4). We'll discuss the pros and cons of each chemistry, common uses and misuses, and everyday application tips for your latest amateur radio project.

September 2020

QSL Confidential - Jeff Murray K1NSS

Humorous overview of shortwave radio's morbid appeal, from eavesdropping on sinking ships to ham radio in the ruins of thermonuclear war. I would redo this basic presentation from some years ago.

August 2020

VK0IR Heard Island - Outpost at The Edge

Heard Island is a pristine and isolated natural wilderness, and one of the few places on the planet completely free from any human introduced species. Its remote, inhospitable, and almost as far from civilization as possible.

April 2020

The Dipole Antenna

An entertaining yet informative explanation of how a dipole antenna actually works, how to calculate the length of the elements taking the velocity factor into account, as well as the radiation pattern.

February 2020

AT&T Archives: Similiarities of Wave Behavior (Bonus Edition)

On an elementary conceptual level, this film reflects the multifaceted scientific hyperthinking that was typical of a Bell Labs approach. Host Dr. J.N. Shive's presence as a lecturer is excellent - it's understandable by a layperson even when he branches into equations, because he uses copious amounts of real-world examples to bolster the material.

 November 2019

FT5XO Kerguelen DXpedition

Located halfway between Africa and Australia, and just about as far away from North America as possible, this icy, windswept island has always held a top spot on the DX world's most wanted lists. But just what kind of DXer does it take to leave home for six weeks and travel to such a faraway place?

October 2019

Everybody's Trying the New FT8! (#104)

FT8 is the newest weak-signal mode from Joe Taylor, K1JT, and friends. It operates very much like JT65 but is four times faster and more automated. Learn a little about the history of digital modes and conversational vs bare essential modes! Two sample QSOs!

July 2019

Excitement At Ham Radio Field Day 2018 Albert Lea, Minnesota

Field Day 2018 Amateur Radio operations by ham radio operators participating in the national exercise sponsored by the American Radio Relay League each year the 4th full weekend in June.  This has been going on nationally since 1933.  This gives hams a chance to get on the air quickly and make contacts with other ham radio operators around the country for points and to help promote the hobby and practice emergency drills.

April 2019

BS7H Scarborough Reef DXpedition

Located in the South China Sea just west of the Philippines, Scarborough Reef is without a doubt the rarest and most controversial entity on the DXCC list. Few places are harder to access, and fewer still create such intense debate.

February 2019

Solar Power for your Ham Station AD #52

Can you power your station from the sun? Absolutely! This video explains solar power from the panels and batteries to charge controllers and sizing.

January 2019



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