Field Day Recipes
Want to make your Field Day more tasty?
OK everyone knows Field Day is all about the radio communications?   Not so my friends, the food is just as important as this can be a very social event also.  Now there's nothing wrong with store bought pizza, pies, cakes and cookies, etc, but for those of you who are a little more adventurous in the culinary world, (Chef - Amateur Extra), you may want to try you hand at something different.  Well, we've got that covered for ya!  This page is dedicated to those tasty "special" FD recipes that we all look forward to every year.  Check out below and if you would like to volunteer some others please feel free to contact us using the contact form and we may add yours to the list.

Bruce's Bouillabaisse - Bruce KB7TIV


                       1 lb   Clams

                         1 lb   Shrimp

                         1 lb   Bay Scallops

                         5       Carrots

                         5       Stocks Celery

                         5       Potatoes

                         1       Stick butter (1/4 lb)

                         1 qt   Half & Half

                         2       Small bottles of White Wine


  • Prep the clams, shrimp and scallops for cooking and then dice the potatoes,
    carrots, and the celery.

  • Mix everything together and cover with the half & half and wine.

  • Cook on High until it comes to a boil and then add the butter.

  • Reduce the heat to Low and then cook until done.


"This has been a Field Day treat for as long as I have been with the club."

 - Bill, W7VAS

Potatoes O'MG- John AJ7M



                            1    Bag of frozen Ore-Ida Potatoes O'Brien with Onions & Peppers

                            1    Hillshire Farm Smoked Sausage  

                            1-2 Eggs

                                  Season-All Salt

                                  Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce


1. Slice and dice the desired amount of sausage.

2. Add sausage and Potatoes O'Brien to a hot pan / skillet and cook per the

    instructions on the package.

3. During cooking add a sprinkle of Season All salt and Worcestershire Sauce to

    desired flavor.

4. When it is almost cooked in the skillet crack 1-2 eggs and stir in until the egg is

    cooked.   Serve and enjoy!



"A quick and easy hearty breakfast if you're camping out for Field Day"

- John, AJ7M

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