Special Event 2020
After the passing of one of our special club members, Roger Attwell W7NM, the club was asked to dismantle the antenna tower as this requires special safety equipment and training.
Several of our club members assisted in this task and it was a huge success.  

One of our members, Rick Hawkinson W7RMH, said:
"We were very careful and took our time.  As you can see, Jerry AF7AV had the gear and training for safely climbing.  I had my old mountain climbing helmet on when I was under him on the ground and we made sure we understood what each other was doing before we did anything.  I'm still wondering how they put that up.  Roger must have had a crane come install it."

As some of you may be aware many ham's get hurt, or worse, each year climbing towers without receiving the proper safety training and precautions.  Stay safe out there my friends and always remember

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