Field Day 2019

Field Day is the biggest event held in June each year enabling hams to test their radio communications either at home or out in the field.  This is not a contest but can certainly operate like one.  Hams get extra points for setting up in public places to promote amateur radio, as well as many other things.  This is also a great opportunity to experience ham radio before you commit to diving in and buying your first transceiver.  The goal of the operator is to work as many stations as possible within a 24 hour period.  Sound intense?  It can be, but it's all up to you.  Whether you want to dive in head first, kick back and socialize, or just see what it's all about, it's totally up to you.  Ham radio can accommodate you whenever, wherever, and however you wish.  Last year in 2019 we setup our Field Event at our club presidents' property and we had a huge amount of fun, food, radio, and of course socializing. 
Thank you Bill and Karen.  Check out the photo's below.
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